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Pepper Fuzz is derived from the Fuzz effect of a VOX UL730. Its distinctive tone defined a whole area in the late 1960’s. Bias controls the voltage of the gain stage and goes from underbiased, spluttery tones up to high-biased, dense and compressed sounds. It’s a fixed gain Fuzz so it’s either on or off – exactly like the original. However it reacts beautifully to your guitars volume control, you can go nearly clean to heavily distorted with a flick of your finger.

I was able to acquire a small batch (we’re talking two figures) of the originally used OA200 diodes (NOS), which are essential to nail THE sound of a UL730.
So no pressure to get one as long as they last …

All controls set to 11-ish o’clock will get you in the ballpark of famous Pepper-sounds or ready for a Magical Mystery Tour.

The controls are:

  • On – engages the pedal
  • Bias – controls the voltage of the gain stage, from spluttery to dense Fuzz
  • Tone – subtle but effective to adapt to your guitar/amp
  • Volume – output volume – there is enough headroom to push your amp with this

Our pedals are build to order, current lead time is 7-14 days.

All pickups are hand-wound and are subject to certain variations. The manufacturing tolerance is +/- 3%. In addition, there may be tolerances in the DC resistance due to temperature fluctuations. All values refer to 20°C.  
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