Classic 1953

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The Classic 1953 have a sweetness, great for semi-acoustic and solid body guitars at the same time.

The raw cast Alnico III magnets capture a pure and woody tone, almost acoustic like.

Scatterwound to vintage specs and not potted like in the olden days to retain full dynamic (and feedback …). Which is why you can choose to get them potted.

The set is RWRP, so it’s humbucking in the middle position.


  • Rough cast Alnico III magnets.
  • Handwound with 42 AWG Plain Enamel Wire
  • Vintage Spec Output: 7,1 kOhm (N), 7,7 kOhm (B)
  • No wax potting to retain full dynamics, you can however, order them potted to reduce feedback


All pickups are hand-wound and are subject to certain variations. The manufacturing tolerance is +/- 3%. In addition, there may be tolerances in the DC resistance due to temperature fluctuations. All values refer to 20°C.  
As standard, we ship our pickups with DHL. Within Germany, this is free of shipping costs. For deliveries within and outside the EU, the shipping costs are calculated accordingly in the shopping cart. Customs and other import fees will be charged by your shipping service provider in the destination country. We have no influence on the amount and type of fees. The time for the production of the pickups is added to the delivery time. This usually takes 10-15 days, or longer for special requests. This will be communicated accordingly. As soon as your pickups are on their way, you will receive an email with a tracking number.


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